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Research activity

Italy did not tip enough on research, this is of course well known. The effects are obvious not only to researchers, but also regular students, who find endless difficulties and lack of cooperation in all levels of minimum required support, help, extra training, in-depth. Within facilities and laboratories of the University, often can not use tools and equipment, and you can not have the support of experienced staff, except for a very short period of time during the writing of the thesis. Choose to remedy the situation independently, as in my case, it may be a solution so that you will achieve the thickness desired training.

I carry out research independently by the University in order to study design solutions and building technology of the future. About the current construction industry I’m deepening the study of plants, equipment, technologies and advanced methods of construction of houses with high energy savings (classes C, B, B +, A, A + and GOLD). About green building I’m gradually making the analysis of the costs for the construction of houses with reduced environmental impact.
I am approaching the study of composite monocoque chassis for racing cars (formula and endurance). I’m doing a working prototype of electric bike homologated for the road. I’m planning my first racing car designed to rigorous testing on the track.

From some time I’m also:
collaborating with the editors of the journal “Newton Oggi” by writing technical articles about the latest technology for motorsport; collaborating with a leading team of Tractor Pulling participating in the European championship in order to design a new V12-60 °; trying to patent, with the support of several companies, innovative solutions for the PV invisible, hybrid kit (for cars, motorcycles, bicycles), hi-tech solutions for the home, low cost interactive whiteboards, etc.; collaborating with a company that produces rotary engines in order to optimize a new compact motor ideal for hybrid solutions within city cars and motorcycles.

In addition:
Professionals have evaluated the possibility of including me in a research team for the development of new high-performance two-stroke engine for the F1 Inshore (boat racing); I was contacted by NineSigma for a research on the combustion chambers.

I’m currently writing my fifth book, however, at the moment, due to the multitude of interesting experiences that I’m living, I decided to review some of these books before they are published. The titles and topics are currently reserved.


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