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Bring in

Students, researchers and professors can provide material (pdf, manuals, books, notes, thesis, research results, etc..) useful to write technical articles. If you wish you can write directly the article and after a phase of review and approval will be published in your name. If the material propose a test or a particular research, must be accompanied by proper documentation certifying the veracity of the data. The material must be targeted to issues related to the areas listed below:

Biomedical (research on materials, products and solutions of technological interest)
Boat (hull construction, materials, geometries, innovative solutions, etc.)
CNC (pantographs, milling, etc.).
Computer-aided (CAD, CAE, CADD, CFD, etc.)
Construction (construction techniques, materials, solutions, energy classes, faults and errors, etc.)
Cost optimization (methods, ideas, curiosity, strategies, studies, etc.)
Economics (microeconomics, entrepreneurship, financial education, home economics, etc.)
Energy (ordinary means of energy production, renewable energy, energy storage systems, etc.)
Heat and surface treatments
Instruments and equipment
Living (furniture, gadgets, finishes, home automation systems, etc.)
Materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, wood, etc.)
Mathematical logic
Mechanical machining (cutting tools, laser cutting or water, welding, bending, rolling, etc.)
Mechanical and mechatronic
Open Source (ideas, products, software, equipment, etc.)
Rapid manufacturing (Laser sintering, etc..)
Rapid prototyping (machinery, open source solutions, alternatives, etc.)
Sciences (mathematics, neuroscience, applied sciences, social sciences, etc.).

Bring out

Since 2011 I collaborate with editors of the scientific and technical journals such as "AUTO Tecnica" and “Newton oggi”, writing technical articles inherent in the motorsport industry and the latest technology adopted in Automotive and Motorsport.

Newton - Settembre 2011 Newton - Aprile 2012 Newton - Aprile 2012 Nuovo articolo in preparazione

Issue 18/19
September 2011

Article about the new Formula 1 turbocharged engines of the 2014 season.

Issue 25
April 2012

Article about evolution of regulations in F1.

AUTO Tecnica
Issue 384
July 2013

Article about
Formula E.

New article in preparation!!