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Private laboratory workshop for research purposes and deepening of university studies. We move in several branches of research in the automotive sector from the engines (design, study, assembly, setup, preparation), to embrace the setup, telemetry, vehicle dynamics and tests on the track, passing for materials engineering and prototyping of race cars. Last but not least the completion of this deep passion with the study of techniques for restoration of means of all kinds and the study of grinding techniques using equipment with a high degree of accuracy. Recently, we added the crucial aspect of the simulations which we have dedicated a special division of this lab/team.

To prove a true talent is important to race on tracks like the pros. You can subscribe to a league statement, a one make championship, or you can simply participate in a free practice session for the cost of a few tens of euros. Finally you can buy or rent a kart. But it is important not to race on the road. The people around you will appreciate this choice. Often when you hire a kart or minibike has fun and the audience is rooting for you even if you do not know. The track is another world and can be enjoyed safely, unlike the street proves nothing but the unconscious. Too often with tragic consequences. Run safe, come on track ... and get going mate!