Not all fields of interest shown on the page are directly related to each other.

Some sectors mentioned herein may apparently have no relationship to each other.

Yet the success of a project could have a lot more to do than you think with these issues.

The fields listed may have direct or indirect relationships with others.

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Fields of interest

Mechanical technology
For the design, manufacture and construction of systems, structures, objects, tools, equipment, land vehicles, marine vehicles, utilities, furniture, toys, etc.

Motoring and motorsport
For the design of racing engines and entire race vehicles.

Materials Technology
For the optimization of what is present in the environments in which we live and / or work and improvement of the environment and the products we use.

Technologies for the construction industry
In order to find solutions for the construction of homes of the future.

Graphics technology
To find tools to help you communicate in a personal and meaningful way.

Elements of science
To understand the nature of things, the basics of physics and mathematics that govern the universe.

To know the systems to extract energy from the environment we live in and swap it with it.

To find out what’s going on in the world and the flow of money circulating in it and in which the lives of everyone is involved directly and indirectly, as well as the success of our project.

To avoid, especially students, to waste time and money when you compete in a professional project independently.

To learn how to communicate to the world their own projects, or sometimes as “do not” have to communicate their projects.

To give a distinctive to your creativity.

Psychology and behavior of society
To find out what’s happening around you right now.

Mathematical logic
To train the mind to understand better and sooner.